September to October

SEPTEMBER: Often one of the best months in Scotland for sunshine and stunning early evening light. September sees the end of Summer but certainly not the end of the floral calendar.  Gladioli are still flowering in all their glory, dahlias are at their best, asters continue to bloom generously, rudbeckia is happily producing flower after flower, cosmos is still in bloom as is scabious and achillea.  Some late lilies come alive at this time and larkspur, zinnia and ammi are all still active and floriferous.  A great month for colourful bouquets and displays.

OCTOBER: This is the month when many late flowering plants begin their journey back to the ground for their winter rest. However, some still shine brightly throughout the month and with the protection of my new polytunnel, they should last right through to mid-November.  Dahlias are the classic late summer flower that just keep giving during this month.  Cosmos likes to carry on blooming too.  Chrysanthemums are a classic late season flower that is synonymous with October bouquets.  And then there  is statice and helichrysum which will be dried by now but will retain all their wonderful, vibrant colour.  Plenty to choose from for an Autumn event.