November to December



There are still some flowers in the garden during this month including dahlias and chrysanthemums but through the year I have been collecting seed heads and flowers to dry and play with over the winter months.  Dried and spayed alliums, poppy heads, crocosmia and honesty are some of the things that can make beautiful and very unusual seasonal display pieces for anywhere in the home or for an event.  To add a festive touch I add fairy lights to the bigger pieces which really are a delight.  Any size and colour can be made to order.  They make an excellent and highly unique gift.

As well as the pieces made from dried flowers and seed heads, I make festive wreaths to order. These can have a base of spruce, which lasts for months on end or holly and then adorned with combinations of pine cones, dried sea holly and poppy heads.  I make them all as naturalistic as possible but can also create colour themes to order.  I’ll even add a bow if that’s what you want.  Wreaths are best for an outside door or graveside as the heat in most homes will dry them out too quickly.