May to June

MAY: This is the month of cherry blossom and late flowering tulips, harebells and headily scented narcissi.  Alchemilla mollis froths open its electric green, somewhat strange flowers and the last of the daffodils, many white varieties and also flouncy double headed ones, announce their presence.  Alliums are in abundance in late May, a favourite for their dramatic, sculptural, spherical flower heads, camassia gradually open their starlike blooms and viburnum opulus roseum offers the most heavenly scented, snowball like blossoms; ideal for a wedding display.  Aquilegia is abundant in May and although doesn’t last well as a cut flower for the house, it is wonderful used in displays for a wedding or event. Small ferns and a cornucopia of hosta present  interesting and unusual foliage as well as the continuing eruption of euphorbia.  A bright and bountiful month for floral gifts and displays. 

JUNE: The month when the ubiquitous delphinium flowers in all its glory; statuesque and magnificent.  Lupins love June and despite seemingly popular belief, they make a fantastic cut flower.  Gorgeous geums make an announcement this month alongside ox-eyed daisies, scabious, iris, polemonium, verbascum, centranthus, lychnis, trillium, veronica and antirrhinum.  Amongst my annual flower beds in June there is ammi majus, a favourite for light, frothy umbels in bouquets and displays. Also sweet peas are beginning to flower and larkspur, sown last Autumn is bursting into bloom.  Statice, which is very popular as a fresh cut flower and also  dried is flowering from mid June alongside helichrysum.  It is impossible to list everything that is in season in June so just call or send a message if you want to make an enquiry.