March to April

MARCH:  The month when some plants bravely emerge from the dramas of winter. Firstly there are winter aconites followed by light catching snowdrops in their thousands. Nodding, beautiful heads of hellebore offer a splendid supporting role from mid-March to April and make an excellent addition to any bouquet. Early daffodils burst into a yellow blaze offering a sunshine flavour to the garden and great cut flowers with their many different colours, shapes and sizes. Add to all these the unfolding ravels of the willow and you have an excellent, soft and fluffy accompaniment to  early Spring bouquet potential.

APRIL: Spring is in full swing during April. A host of bright, colourful flowers are in full, radiant bloom, many of which make excellent cut flowers and additions to bouquets and floral displays.  We have early tulips rollicking out of the soil in all colours, a host of different primulas including primula denticulata  which offer perfect spheres of tiny flowers on sturdy stems in a range of colours. Many more daffodils emerge, grape hyacinth is at its best, euphorbias in their acid green splendour make a fantastic bouquet addition and the bright yellow little sunshines called doronicum add a dash of joy to any display.