July to August

JULY:  The month when lilies come into their own.  From pure white to intense pink and orange.  Not everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no denying their impact through pure beauty and heavenly scents.  Like in June there is a huge range of blooms to choose from which cannot all be listed so here is a selection; carnations – delicate and scented, achillea – great bouquet flower, pyrethrum – like giant, coloured daisies, larkspur – an old fashioned favourite, sweet peas – simply stunning scent, cosmos – airy and bright, asters – better than carnations, dahlia – endless shapes and colours, statice and ammi majus,  Poppies, which are often overlooked as a cut flower, are great for a wedding or event that is over a couple of days as they offer dramatic beauty and colour and the seed heads look stunning  in a display too.  Many plants that are in bloom in June flower on through to July and sometimes August including veronica, lychnis and antirrhinam.  

AUGUST: During this month the lilies are still going strong but this is also when gladioli come powering through the air and open up their wonderful flowers to the world. Tall, stately and in many colours, gladioli are simply fantastic as a dramatic cut flower for any bouquet or display.  Giant crocosmia is in full bloom at this time and the dahlias are still producing a host of exciting and sometimes enormous flowers. Amongst many other flowers, in August I have; cornflower – simple and beautiful, scabious – fantastic cut flower, rudbeckia – colours of the hot sun, campanula pyramidalis – tall and striking, zinnia – many colours, didiscus – umbels of pastel shades, linaria – light and lovely, cosmos – delightful in a display, sweet peas, carnations, veronica, sea holly, monarda – lovely scent and unusual blooms. Lemon balm, ferns and euphorbia offer great foliage options.