January to February

January and February are, for obvious reasons, quiet months for a natural flower grower in North East Scotland. However, I have been collecting seed heads and drying them and then spraying them different colours; the effects are quite amazing. If you have a wedding or event during these dark, winter months then why not try flower arrangements with  a seasonal twist.  I do large allium and crocosmia heads which really are fantastic and offer something really different. They can be presented in arrangements in any colour you care for.   I am also growing flowers for drying this year including stattice and helichrysum; real, colourful flowers that will last for months, even years.  

I also always have holly, both variegated and plain, that can be incorporated into any seasonal display.  Dried pine cones of many different species can also be used to add texture and interest to displays.  I don’t believe Holly and cones should just be for Christmas, like puppies, they should be appreciated year round!

So be brave, try something new. Take a leap of faith and have your winter event adorned with beautiful, highly unusual, dried flowers and seed heads.  Everyone will talk about it!