Locally grown flowers

Hello there.

My plan is to post regular blogs about Fit Like Flowers that will include what has been happening in the garden recently and also what flowers and foliage are coming into season so you can easily see what is available as and when you may need it. It will also be an accessible platform for interested people to ask any questions about my on-going horticultural activities or specific plants, their preferred habitats and seasonal performance.

I, of course, am no expert on all plants but I certainly am an enthusiast and probably an obsessive, hence my venture into growing this business. I know that there is an incredible amount of different, beautiful, long lasting blooms that can thrive in the North East of Scotland climate and I’m on a mission to grow them and get them out there to the public so people realise they do not need to purchase imported flowers in order to experience floral joy in their homes and workplaces.

I look forward to venturing into the word of the blog and hope that some of you decide to follow, what I intend will be, meandering updates of my wonderful, floriferous world. Some of you may want join me in the garden some time!

Over and out for now.


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